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Moms are human napkins.

The other day my son finished his juice box, then handed it to me when he was done. I asked, “Um, do I look like a trash can?” He laughed and pulled out of his kid trance and threw it away in the garbage. I have NEVER seen either of my kids do this to my husband. Read more

TREAT: Hanky Handout 2012

We know how hard the first day of kindergarten can be – especially for the Moms! TX M.I.L.K. was there to lend a little support and a tissue at the first annual Hanky Handout 2012. Click HERE to see us in action. Read more

Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Sheltered

Newspapers from Ohio to Australia are reporting on Tammy Cooper, the East Texas mom arrested for letting her six and nine year old ride motorized scooters, allegedly unattended. Cooper says she was sitting in a lawn chair watching the whole thing. After 18 hours in jail, charges were dropped and Cooper is filing a lawsuit against the police and her neighbor who called them. Read more

MAN SCHOOL: Class is in session.

It occurred to me recently that not only am I trying to raise good boys, but I’m also raising future men. I had a conversation with my sister-in-law about opening a “Man School” for our boys (we both have two each) so that we’re confident we’ve exposed them to all the “manly” things in life. This raised eyebrows from her husband and mine because they felt it was their job – weren’t they man enough to teach them? Read more

Spousal Job Sharing: If I Only Had a Beard

Last Thursday morning my husband was getting ready for work and I was getting ready for my son’s Waterbabies swim class. He looked from his collared shirt to my bathing suit and said, “I wish I had your job.” My quick retort was, “I wish I had your job.” The funny thing is, I did have his job. We are both copywriters for advertising agencies, or at least I was until the day I went into labor. Read more

LIFE AFTER LONDON: Saying Good-bye to my Olympic Mom Friends

As I watched the closing ceremonies on Monday night, I couldn’t stop thinking two things: “surely the Stones are going to play”* and “I am really going to miss seeing all of the Olympic moms.” This was my first time to watch The Olympic Games since becoming a mother. In the past, I’d see the footage of the crying moms in the stands and think, “Awww, isn’t that sweet?” But not this year. NBC had me in the palm of its hand. Read more

If we can’t have it all, then why were we raised to think we could?

I am an only child. Raised by a doting, loving, baby-boomer mother who did everything in her power to pave my way toward success. She grew up during a time where it was becoming more and more status quo for a woman to go to college, get a degree, and have a real career! Many thanks go to my grandmother and great grandmother for paving the ways to make this even a possibility. Read more

What Rankin’s Eatin’

The other day I gave Rankin some leftover filet mignon thinking it would make him love me more (I call that the “golden retriever approach”) but he spit it out and asked for pirate’s booty. At first I was like, “you ungrateful little ankle biter” but my next thought was, “who gives steak to a toddler with eight rice-sized teeth?” Needless to say I don’t always get it right, but here are a few of the meals that went over well last week. And don’t forget to share your own toddler grub ideas!

Read more

Cartoon Lessons

PBS plays an active role in our breakfast routine. But lately, I’ve started over-analyzing what my son’s fave shows are teaching him. In addition to universal acceptance, love of learning, and creative problem-solving my son might be getting some other messages mixed in. Read more

Lifesaving Apps

In my very first-ever blog entry, I would like to share with you my favorite mobile apps. Because if I were to share recipes with you, your spouse would probably never come home for dinner again.  These apps (I love saying “apps”) will predominately always be apps to help make your mom job…well…less requiring Zanax. Read more